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What do I get in my personalised MLI report?

After completing the survey, you will receive a bespoke report with actionable steps to help your organisation achieve best-in-class global-to local marketing.

You can use the insights from your MLI report in a number of ways: 

  • Assess your marketing in terms of localisation best practice 
  • Get advice on how to optimise your global-to-local marketing  
  • Engage your team in a discussion on localisation needs 
  • Pinpoint what you’re doing well and areas for improvement in your current model
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Achieve best-in-class marketing localisation in five steps

Developed through 30 years’ experience helping brands gain local resonance, the MLI  examines five steps to gain best-in-class marketing localisation:

Global-to-local model
Assess the operating model in place for your marcomms & localisation function.

Cultural competence
Explore your organisation’s capability to deploy global marketing programmes that resonate locally.

Determine your organisation’s ability to measure the impact of creative in local markets

Dynamic capability
Assess your brand’s capabilities to produce assets for every channel retaining local resonance. 

Brand governance
Identify the measures in place to ensure brand continuity.

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We are insight-driven localisation experts, helping you to speak to any audience, anywhere in the world.

With a team of cultural experts in over 95 countries we draw on local understanding and over 30 years of practical experience in global creative production and delivery.

We provide expert advice and worldwide brand governance to ensure that our clients campaigns are consistent and compliant. At the same time, our team of global creative production experts deliver powerful, localised assets informed by genuine cultural insights.

Freedman’s Marketing Localisation Index (MLI) is an online tool to help you to evaluate if your global-to-local marketing is best-in-class.. Complete a 3-minute survey and you'll receive a bespoke report with actionable steps to help your organisation optimise its current marketing localisation model.